Safe and effective treatment for neck & lower back pain
Get back and neck pain relief now without relying on drugs and surgery
We have performed over 100,000+ Spinal 
Decompression treatments.

Our success rate is 90%.

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Whats you will receive...
  • In Depth: A detailed physical examination and treatment
  • Advanced Analysis: Brand new digital X-ray technology to discover your problem
  • Cutting Edge: Brand new 2021 Spinal Decompression Technology for advanced healing
  • World Class Doctor:  Meet Dr. Steve Novelli, the leader in the world of non-surgical treatment options.  He has personally performed over 75,000 Spinal Decompression Treatments
The amazing benefits of The Novelli decompression method
#1 solution for back pain
  • Healing will start after the first session. 
  •  No need for surgery or drugs
  •  Completely painless and relaxing 
  •  No side effects
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What conditions can it treat?
-Pinched nerves
-Bulged or herniated discs
-Radiating arm or neck pain
-Degenerative disc disease
-Facet syndrome
-Pain after surgery. Yes it's safe!
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