Safe and effective treatment for neck & lower back pain
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Back Pain & Sciatica Relief Treatment that Has Helped Millions of People

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  • ​Results:  92% success rate in our clinic
  • Research Proven to bring herniated discs back into place and away from nerves to relieve BACK PAIN & SCIATICA
  • Safe:  Helps prevent spinal surgery
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  • In Depth: DISCOVER at your FREE treatment how we can ELIMINATE back pain, neck pain and sciatica
  • Advanced Analysis: IDENTIFY your problem using brand new Digital X-ray  & MRI scanning technology
  • Cutting Edge: EMBRACE our 2023 Technology for RAPID healing and results including Class 4 Medical Lasers and the Matrix system.
  • World Class Doctor:  We welcome Dr. Steve Novelli, a Disc Specialist with a certificate in Advanced Training in Disc Disorders from The International Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression.  He has PERSONALLY performed over 250,000 Spinal Decompression Treatments
The amazing benefits of Disc Centers of America 
Spinal Decompression
#1 solution for back pain
  • Healing will start after the first session
  •  No need for surgery or drugs
  •  Completely painless and relaxing 
  •  No side effects
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What conditions can it treat?
-Pinched nerves
-Bulged or herniated discs
-Radiating arm or neck pain
-Degenerative disc disease
-Facet syndrome
-Pain after surgery. Yes it's safe!
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